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I'm kind of pining for the seaside lately, so: a handful of seasidey-themed banners.

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Just posting to let people know that a couple of bugs cropped up in the Sunday Morning layout after Dreamwidth's recent code push - [personal profile] fairlight pointed out that the layout looked really, really broken if you viewed it without the navstrip, and the commas between tags looked weird too. There was also an error with the purple layout's calendar that was entirely my fault. Anyway, I've updated the code in those entries and all those bugs should be fixed now - the CSS for the green, yellow and red schemes is here and the CSS for the pink, violet and blue is here.


Jun. 11th, 2009 03:21 pm
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Just a mini-post; some banners I've been making.

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Three more colour schemes for the Sunday Morning layout: pale green, pale yellow and dark red.

green screenshot | yellow screenshot | red screenshot

Also, since somebody was asking about whether you could have the page summary visible with this layout: yes you can, it's much easier than I'd thought. :) Just search for the following text in the CSS:

.module-pagesummary {

        display: none; }

and remove it.

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I seem to be on a layout-making kick lately. Anyway, another one: it's just a slightly prettied-up Transmogrified, really. It has a few odd... quirks, but I figured I'd share anyway.

Layout: Transmogrified
Tested on: IE7, Firefox 3, Safari for Windows, Google Chrome
Custom comment pages: Yes
Account levels: All

pink screenshot | purple screenshot | blue screenshot | live preview


  • insert usual "I am a n00b" disclaimer here; if anything is broken let me know and I'll try to fix it
  • this one works in a slightly more normal way, ie, you DO have to un-check the "use layout's stylesheet" box
  • both colour schemes are kind of pink-and-princessy, maybe I'll try making a few more neutral ones soon
  • this should work fine on IE, but there's a weird glitch where the "tags" link in the navigation strip is... not a link. I have no idea what's causing this or how to fix it so if anyone knows how please tell me
  • it's still useable; you can get to the tags page by clicking on the "tags" header, it just... this one thing has me completely confused, sorry
  • you need to have a reading-page title defined or your reading page won't look right
  • the background may look slightly odd if you have no entries, though it shouldn't seriously mess anything up
  • should work ok on most resolutions, although it looks better on larger ones
  • it's called "Sunday Morning" because that's when I finished it
  • credit is nice but not required :)

Instructions and CSS under here )

Edited to add a blue/green theme, for those who aren't fans of pink. :)
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Layout: Transmogrified
Tested on: IE7, Firefox 3, Safari for Windows, Google Chrome
Custom comment pages: Yes
Account levels: All


  • this was very much inspired by fiddling around with [personal profile] boo's code
  • again, I'm still a bit of a n00b but if anything breaks let me know and I'll try really really hard to fix it
  • also, the CSS is hideously horribly messy, and I'm sorry
  • banner images are hosted on tinypic, uploading them to your own server isn't required
  • however, customizing this layout is very much allowed and encouraged. to replace the header with an image of your own, search for background: url and replace the url that follows with the url for your own image. to change link hover colours, do a find and replace on #5da0dd (for Wildflowers) or #f55ea8 (for Clover)
  • header size is set to 750x200 by default, this can be changed by fiddling around with the css if so desired
  • remember NOT to un-tick the "use layout's stylesheets" box
  • credit is nice but not required, just don't claim it as your own


    Wildflowers screenshot | Clover screenshot | Live preview (Wildflowers)

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This is a somewhat tweaked and prettified version of the Digital Multiplex layout for Livejournal, which I've now tweaked some more and adapted for Dreamwidth.

Larger screenshot | Live preview

  • This is not a theme for an existing DW layout, it's a new layout
  • and by "new" I mean "adapted from the Digital Multiplex layout from Livejournal"; so I have not designed the layout from scratch, just tried to clean it up/prettify it/make it more customizable/make it work on DW
  • colours, overall width, sidebar width, sidebar arrangement, fonts, font sizes and some text can be changed via the customization wizard
  • unfortunately the link to the reading page still says "Friends" but when I figure out how to change that I'll update this entry with an edit
  • I am a bit of a newbie at this so if you have problems or want something altered I'll do my best but can't promise anything :(
  • credit is nice but not compulsory? it's not like I built it from scratch, so.

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